If you’re like me, you take your hair care seriously – it’s not a game. You’re always looking for the best hair extensions for protective styling. I’m excited to announce the arrival of Darling, Africa’s #1 hair extensions brand, to the United States!

Darling specializes in the elevation of beauty and illumination of confidence, helping women to own their power with the reassurance of great hair. 

We are all about the blending of textures and embracing our natural beauty. Blending is what makes you look like a million bucks!

Encouraging women to step into their power – Darling hair extensions brand has partnered with Teyana Taylor. Darling is the number one hair extensions brand out of Africa focused on textured hair needs of Black women. With music sensation and fashion icon in the making, Teyana Taylor at the forefront – the brand has made its way to the States. 


The mother of two, and proud wife – Teyana Taylor says, “As a woman on the go, it’s important to know that you’re partnering with a brand that not only gives you great style selections but keeps your hair healthy doing protective styling. Darling offers textures that blend perfectly and resemble natural hair, reassuring you that you are going to look your best and feel your best without having to alter who you are naturally.”

“Teyana Taylor is a confident and powerful woman who encourages others to follow their own paths and embrace their unique styles – we could not have chosen a better ambassador to amplify the attitude and spirit of Darling,” said Kendria Strong, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing and Innovation of Godrej North America.

“As a woman with natural hair, I fell in love with textured hair extensions like locs, braids and twists because it fits into my everyday lifestyle,” said Taylor about the exciting partnership.

Darling empowers the wearer to be her boldest self by inspiring Black women who wear protective styles with superior extensions. 

Teyana Taylor shared with Essence, “It’s my go-to product for all of my versatile hairstyles like braids, twists, locs and more. With Darling Hair, I am able to promote a brand that I enjoy while embracing and protecting my natural hair.”

Darling’s naturally textured extensions are made with premium quality synthetic fibers that are tangle-free, easy to manage and soft to the touch. Available in a range of colors and categories including crochets, braids, ponytails, and locs, Darling’s premium textured fibers blend seamlessly with natural and straightened hair. 

In celebration of the news, let’s explore some of Teyana Taylor’s best hairstyles: 

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