The HM Style Lounge & Chill Room is the newest kickback for Detroiters who like a good tune, a good time and a great drink. The intimate cocktail and music lounge just opened last month in the Grandmont Rosedale area, at 19566 Grand River Ave., and it’s a great addition to this lively corridor. 

Owner Herschell Masten brings his experience as co-owner of British Sound Systems, a UK-based EDM and house music label. Masten managed the label for more than 10 years, producing music here in Detroit and collaborating with his partners in the UK.

He says he was inspired by the English pubs he had seen during his trips to London, where they function as a hub for the community to meet. Going beyond just another spot to drink, Masten hopes to channel that same sense of community in his Rosedale lounge. 

“We are more than just a lounge, we’re a cultural meeting place,” Masten says.

The lounge has a sleek, modern look, with its polished wood countertops and a featured outdoor patio that’s perfect for catching these last few warm days of the season.


Drinks are offered and the setting is aimed at intimate, but Masten says the lounge aims to be a place of community and relaxation  for all ages and cultures. The venue hosts regular music events, with nightly programming based around genres like RnB, House, and Jazz. 

Masten wants the space to be a home for musicians, artists, and cooks. One of its first events the venue hosted was a live painting session with local artist Ashley McFadden, with plans to work with other artists in the future. The lounge also plans to offer other events such as fashion shows, poetry readings, and free DJ classes, which they hope to start in November. Students will learn about tempo, mixing and other live DJ skills.

The lounge doesn’t have a scheduled food menu on offer.  But with weekly events like Taco & Tequila Tuesday and food-pop ups with local chefs, HM Style Lounge brings in a wide range of constantly rotating culinary experiences. 

The lounge will host a seniors night October 8, featuring classic Motown tunes, free pizza and discounts on drinks for seniors. You may ask—what makes one a “senior?”

“Anybody who says they’re a senior, is a senior,” Masten jokes. “I won’t ask any questions.”

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