Get Beach Ready at the Mt. Elliot Park Fun Shop in Detroit

verything about the Mt. Elliot Park Fun Shop says "fun in the sun"-in Motor City. The Detroit RiverFront store offers beach bum kitsch-including water guns, hula hoops, kites and bubbles-and Detroit-emblazoned bags, towels and T-Shirts so, at your next visit to the shore, you can stake your claim in the sand as a Detroiter.

Before your next trip, make a stop at the Mt. Elliott Park Fun Shop (located at 200 Mt. Elliot, Suite 116) in Detroit and pickup one of these items: 

  1. Better Made Chips, $1
  2. Hula hoop, $5
  3. Fleece picnic blanket (not pictured), $19
  4. Aloe sunscreen, $5
  5. Creatology bubbles, $1
  6. Adora Bella porcelain cup, $18
  7. DetroitGT buttons, $3
  8. 'Bitch, please. I'm from Detroit' T-shirt by DetroitGT, $20
  9. Flip flops $15
  10. Beach bag, $40
  11. San Pellegrino, $2
  12. Sunglasses, $12
  13. Wristwatch, $35
  14. Rebel Nell necklace, $135

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