Good Cookies Prepares to Open in North Rosedale in Detroit

Good Cookies

Jeffrey Gisstennar, founder of Good Cookies LLC, has spent years perfecting a good cookie – and now he is taking his operation from the home kitchen to a brick-and-mortar. It started out as a passion project. In 2011, the real estate broker began to bake cookies to relieve stress. He says, “I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking, why did that cookie come out flat? Why did it come out puffy?

Towards the end 2012, Gisstennar hosted a cookie tasting. He invited guests to comment on what they thought the company name should be. While talking with his buddies after the party, one said, “That’s a good cookie.” The other looked at him and said, “Man, just shut up and eat it.” That became his company name and tagline: Just eat it!

Gisstennar registered the name Good Cookies in 2013 as he hit the ground running, catering for events, birthday parties and other celebrations. The demand became so high that his customers wondered when they could expect a brick-and-mortar.

Good Cookies won a Motor City Match grant and, with that, they completely gutted what used to be hair salon in his old North Rosedale neighborhood. When we spoke, Good Cookies was planning to open the location between Small Business Saturday and early December.

“I am a true Detroiter. They ask, ‘Will you ever move out?’ I say never,” Gisstennar says. “I wanted a comfortable, warm, walkable place where the community can say, ‘I’m going to get a coffee. I’m going to get a breakfast scone.’” On certain days, Good Cookies will host live bands or DJs. He also plans to make the space available for poetry readings and community meetings. Online orders for pick up are also accepted.


19007 W. McNichols Road, Detroit


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