There are many ways you could describe Detroit native Keyon Clinton. He’s an entrepreneur, international speaker, award-winning fitness trainer, the owner of 1% Better Nation, and a Forbes “Next 1000” A-lister. Keyon is also a conduit for change through the community, with events such as his recent “Men’s Empowerment Conference” which aimed to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation of Black men.

To him, there isn’t a challenge out there that can’t be confronted with faith, perseverance and the “get 1% better every day” mentality.

BLAC: When did you realize you could inspire others?

Keyon: Over ten years ago, God spoke to me and said that I am called to speak to nations worldwide. As a young teen, I didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until 2015, when I spent nine months in Benton Harbor, Indiana alone, that I accepted my calling to serve and inspire others. My isolation process was frustrating and challenging. It forced me to get outside my comfort zone to find my identity, but I figured it out. In nine months, a mother gave birth to a child, and God was birthing me for what he was preparing me for.

BLAC: In 2017, you lost over 50 pounds in six months and won the 2018 Lenda Murray Bodybuilding Competition. Can you break down some of the habits you had to alter to transform yourself into a bodybuilder?


Keyon: I believe that if you look good, you’ll feel good. If you feel good, you’ll produce better results in life.

In 2017, I knew it was time for a change within myself. Like most people, I took the DIY approach and failed miserably. I would go to the gym 2–3 times a week but still eat whatever I wanted and never saw results. After being frustrated by failing, I decided to get a trainer. 

Mentally, I had to force myself into changing my habits. It wasn’t just about going to the gym, but also all the other things I consumed. Fitness isn’t just about the gym because if you’re around unmotivated people, you will indirectly inherit their insecurities.

So, by hanging around a new group of motivated people, I was about to shift a paradigm within myself to stay committed. Physically, I had to push myself harder than ever to surpass my physical limitations. By doing this, I ended up falling in love with the progress.

BLAC: Can you tell us about your relationship with God and how it impacts your daily life?

Keyon: I am who I am because of my God, and I’ll always acknowledge him in my testimony. God is my source, and everything else is a resource. God has been watching over me and kept me out of harm’s way even when I didn’t deserve his grace and mercy, so I promised him that I’ll always exalt him with every opportunity I receive.

We live in a world where war, death, and negativity are all around us, so I pray for people and send positive energy to my social media followers. The feedback I receive from this is so amazing, and I’m grateful that my prayers are helping people get through their week.                                                             

BLAC: What’s your mission?

Keyon: I want to be an example and inspiration in every aspect of life. Also, it’s important to reach back and give back to my community with the platform, resources, and influence that I have. It’s not just an honor to be a Black man but an obligation to help my brothers in every way that I possibly can.

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