Lana’s Bake Shop Opens Third Location on the Avenue of Fashion

Lana's Bake Shop

Tierah Johnson wants her customers to know that Lana’s Bake Shop is still committed to providing them with sweet bakery treats, but in a safe way, during the COVID-19 era. In fact, the shop recently opened a new spot on the Avenue of Fashion. Johnson says the family-owned business deliberated about opening a third location amid a global pandemic.

“It wasn’t easy,” Tierah says. “It was a tug of war between some family members.” But, in the end, they pulled together and decided it was worth the risk. “I’m pleased,” says Monte Johnson, managing partner for Lana’s Bake Shop and Tierah’s father. “Especially considering that we just opened, the community around here has embraced us.”

The bakery is taking precautions that include employees wearing gloves and face masks, Tierah says. It also maintains a barrier between customers and employees for cash transactions, and they’re carryout only. The Livernois store has instituted a limited menu that includes four or five varieties of sliced cake and mini cheesecake. It also offers coffee, latte, lemonade and iced tea.

But the limited menu didn’t stop it from creating a new product – The Cake Shake. “It’s taken off,” Tierah says. The Cake Shake is a slice of cake blended with vanilla ice cream, milk and special sauces. It’s then poured into a cup, topped off with another layer of cake and whipped cream. Monte says, “We just wanted to do something different.”

18685 Livernois Ave., Detroit


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