LeCulture Café Serves Up Elevated Comfort Food

LeCulture Café

The phrase “elevated” is often used to convey a distinct departure from established norms. LeCulture Café fits this designator in surprising ways. Located in the former Black Bottom community, LeCulture Café is perfectly situated to make history. The restaurant opened its doors last November and has seen an influx of metro Detroiters eager to sample the progressive flavor that the restaurant offers.

Diners have touted its great ambience on Facebook, as well as its great choice of music, and another important plus: it’s black owned. You can’t argue with that last one. It’s important, but the food definitely measures up to the hype. You’ll find Maryland Crabcakes, Mamba Chicken Pasta (with rigatoni, blackened chicken, tricolor peppers, spinach, herbs and blackened cream sauce) and other delectable offerings.

One dish – perhaps the signature dish – you have to try is the Seafood Overload Mac & Cheese, featuring a cheese blend with a fried lobster tail on top. That’s right. Fried lobster tail.

1428 Gratiot Ave., Detroit



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