Lexi Allen is a part of a rare breed of multifaceted entertainers. Born and raised in Toledo, Lexi first came to Detroit to sing background vocals for Fred Hammond and soon found herself deeply connected with the Black Christian entertainment community. Since then, she’s made a name for herself as a solo singer, actress, talk show host, and social media personality. As of late, her career has led her to star in the new BET+ series Churchy with Kevin Fredricks, as well as launching her own beauty line called G.E.A.T cosmetics.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Lexi and discuss her history, passions, and plans for the future.

BLAC: Everything you do has an element of entertainment to it. Whether it be singing, acting, comedy, or hosting. What is it about entertainment that feeds your soul and keeps you going?

Lexi: I don’t know if it feeds my soul. The only thing that feeds my soul is God. Entertainment, singing, acting, doing skits, that’s fun stuff. But it doesn’t feed my soul at all. but it’s fun stuff to do. However, people tell me it brings them joy.

[Comedy] was a dare for me. Somebody said, “I dare you, ‘cause I see you on TV and you’re so serious, But people have no idea how funny you are off camera. I dare you to go on YouTube and do a skit and do something funny.” And I did it, and people started watching.


Then I was like, people are watching, and they thought that was funny. So I did another one, and then I did another one. And people would hit me and say, “My mom was dying and we would sit and we would sit around and watch you and it made my mom smile and laugh.”

See that right there, that’s different. God will use something silly and ridiculous and bless somebody through it. So I was like, you know what? I’m gonna keep going.

BLAC: What was your first impression of the culture of Detroit when you first started staying here? How has the culture here really affected you?

Lexi: Well that’s a good question. I’m from Columbus and Toledo, My friends and I used to come up here for concerts because Detroit has the best concert. Everybody would come through to Detroit and ain’t nobody coming to Toledo. Nobody. And so we would get in the car and drive an hour and we were like, “Oh, OMG. The talent here is crazy!” I think that’s mainly because people in Detroit will sit down on you. If you’re not singing like that, they will sit down. Ain’t nobody gonna clap for you. Ain’t nobody gonna feel sorry for you. You will die a slow death. They don’t care. It’s like the Apollo. Detroit will bring out the dog in. That’s the culture of Detroit. Most definitely.

BLAC: Moving on to more recent stuff. You’re on a Churchy with Kevin Fredricks. So how did you first link up with Kev?

Lexi: When I was dared to go on and do something funny, the person that dared me told me that the Playmakers are doing funny stuff on YouTube.

And at that time, Kevin, his brother, Jason, and their friend Anthony were doing stuff on YouTube. So I reached out to them and said, “Man, I love y’all stuff. Y’all are funny.” And we became friends online. Kevin’s brother Jason became Kev’s manager as well as my manager too. So Jason was like, “Everything we do, we’re going to bring you in cause you that girl.” I miss Jason a lot. Jason passed about a year and a half ago and we all miss him.

BLAC: When did you learn that the show was getting picked up by BET? And what were your feelings when it did?

Lexi: [Kevin} hit me up a few months ago and was like, “Yo, I sold it to BET.” I was like, “What?” You know, I pray that Kevin gets everything that he wants. I hope he’s the next Tyler Perry, I really do. Because Kevin’s a stand up guy. He tries to look out for everybody and that has to be a crazy burden.

BLAC: Now you’ve started, doing more cooking and health related videos. Can you describe What made you want to do that kind of content

Lexi: I wanted to come back to YouTube because I had neglected it for so long, and everybody wanted me to come back and do skits, but. skits cost and ain’t nobody paying. I’m finished with that. Unless y’all paying for it. Y’all gonna get these cooking videos, y’all gonna get these movie reviews and stuff that’s, that’s free to take. But I love YouTube. I love my YouTube subscribers and I have fun there. And I wanted to just come back and just do some fun stuff.

BLAC: Winding down here. How does, makeup play into everything you’re doing? Is this a passion you’ve had for a long time?

Lexi: Oh my God. I love makeup so much. I loved makeup since forever. I remember being on tour with Fred, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams. And we spent the summer on tour and, um, I would pass by Yolanda Adams’s dressing room and she would have all this makeup. This is when Yolanda was doing her own makeup And I would go by and say, “What is that?” and she said, “Oh honey this is Mac!” At the time I didn’t know Mac. I was like, “Well where’d you get that?” She told me to just go to the mall. I went to Mac and I ended up meeting a wonderful makeup artist who became my best friend. She gave me a discount and I got everything and I and she taught me how to do makeup and I’ve been a makeup girl ever since.

Then I wanted to start my own company and I did that. It’s G.E.A.T cosmetics and in its third year. I love it. I love it. I love it. I have makeup that’s, that is right in line with the bigger brands, but it’s affordable and it’s for beginners. Because I’m finding out a lot of women don’t know how to put makeup on. And so I’ve made it easy for them with study guides and all of that good stuff. So it’s a lot of fun.

BLAC: Last question here. What’s next up on the chopping block? What’s, uh, what’s up next for the future?

Lexi: Growing the company and writing a script. There’s a character of mine where I played this old mother and people love her name is Mother Walker. We call it Holy Ghost Enforcers. So a lot of people love that. So I’m making it into a movie and we’re going to film it this year and put it on Tubi. want to do more of that and I’m just waiting on God to yield the increase. Because I’m telling you right now, when I get this when I hit that lick, that’s it. I’m doing nothing but filming, filming, filming. Makeup and filming, that’s it. That’s all I’m doing.

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