Live6 Alliance Opened Neighborhood HomeBase

Live6 Alliance HomeBase

In April, Live6 Alliance unveiled its newest project – a neighborhood HomeBase, appropriately situated on McNichols west of Livernois. The storefront-style meeting space is open to the community and staffed with reps from Live6, Detroit Collaborative Design Center, the University of Detroit Mercy’s School of Architecture and from the Fitz Forward project. 

Live6 Alliance executive director Dr. Antoine Garibaldi says residents, business owners and “people who are just curious about what’s going on in the neighborhood” have been popping in since they opened. Plus, the space serves as a convening spot for block clubs and other orgs in the community. “It’s a collaborative working space,” Garibaldi says. 

Even before the base, Live6’s goals were placemaking, neighborhood stabilization, business attraction and retention, safety and security, and real estate development. “So, this gives us an opportunity to really actualize some of those different things,” he says. “And those goals came directly from the residents in the neighborhood and the business owners.”

Garibaldi adds, “Many people would say, ‘Well, if I wanted to consider starting a business,’ – for example – ‘I would have to go to this person, to that person.’ But now you can bring those individuals to one place and you can have one conversation. So, it really becomes a one-stop shop.”

7426 W. McNichols Road, Detroit


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