Lizzo wants to make Detroit feel ‘Good As Hell’

etroit-born, body positive and self love promoting singer and rapper Lizzo has been making waves with her critically acclaimed EP Coconut Oil. If you haven’t heard it yet, you need to listen to it now–like right now.

When you come back down from your harmonious high, know that the bigger than life attitude and voice blaring from your speakers is a product of good ol' Motown. You heard me right, Lizzo was born right here in Hutzel Women’s hospital, so it’s only right one of her stops on the “Good As Hell” tour is in one of the places she knows best.

The brassy singer will hit the stage at El Club on June 10 with special guest singer and rapper Brooke Candy for a night of peace, positivity and ratchetness.

Here are a few reason why you should be there.

She wants to make you will feel “Good as Hell”– literally

As a feminist and black empowerment advocate, Lizzo cultivates a space for any and everyone. Much like Planet Fitness, our songstress wants fans to get buck wild and work their bodies without feeling judged or ridiculed. So whether you’re a cis male or a queer woman of color, you’re welcome to get lost in the sauce.


“It is really liberating when you start to discover yourself and what you like about yourself,” Lizzo says. “Not everybody is going to love everything about themselves, but when you start to love the parts that aren’t your favorite, you start to respect your body as a piece of art. A piece of art has a frame and it has darkness and light. When you stand back you start to realize the beautiful parts wouldn’t exist without some of that darkness. So you appreciate the entire thing.”  

This ain’t nothing like the first time

Even though she was born here, this is only her second time ever performing in Detroit-and this time around, she says she’s really upped her production value. She says this tour is a product of her joy, hard work and will be nothing like the last time. Expect new choreography, looks for days, popping production and some new music to molly wop to– if that's still a thing?

“We want to give them a really high scale performance even on the technical side. People who read this interview will not care about the little technical details like LED lights and monitors, but they’ve definitely gone in to take our performance to the next level,” Lizzo says. “Like last time we were here, there was a DJ and two dancers at my show. It’s still going to be that many people on stage, but we want to give a big performance visually, sonically, choreography. We want to create an experience so everyone can be apart of it. It’s going to be really fun, especially for those who like to let their freak flags fly because it’s going to get really weird.”   

Lizzo's got Detroit roots

One more time for the people in the back: Lizzo's Detroit roots it kind of makes her like family. 

“I don’t think people in Detroit realize I’m from Detroit yet. I think that’s something they discover while I’m on stage or after the show or after they’ve discovered me,” she says. “I think that it’s gonna really feel like homecoming the more I come [to Detroit].”

We know Detroit will show Lizzo some love. Plus, nothing says self-love like Lizzo, a glass of wine, and a gourmet slice from Pepe Z.  

The “Good As Hell Tour” comes to El Club June 10. You can find tickets here.

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