L’Renee: Detroit songstress

ince 2004, Detroit native soul singer L’Renee has been building a musical empire through her own independent record label, L’Renee Musique Inc., social network marketing, Internet radio and playing a lot of shows. Recently, she performed with fellow Detroit native Kem on his “Intimacy” tour.

L’Renee’s multitasking work ethic lends itself to her music, as she is constantly writing, recording and performing her own blend of jazz-inflected R&B she calls, “Non-Stop. Non-Pop.” “The non-pop part is because my music isn’t what you would normally hear on the radio,” she explains.

Her hard-working attitude inspired her upcoming album, entitled “Glow.” “As an entrepreneur, sometimes, you go through a lot of things, a lot of different transitions,” she says. “I think that I’m in a point in my career where things are really coming into fruition-the break even point.

“Now that I’ve arrived, I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m comfortable with who I am, and I basically want that to show in the album.”

The title itself is a reflection on L’Renee’s growth as an artist. “When something goes through a refinement process, it’s supposed to be great, magnificent-it’s supposed to glow,” she says. “This is a turning point in my career.”


Now in her late 20s, L’Renee has also reached a turning point in her life, recently marrying fellow indie Detroit artist 87, born Nicholas Alexander. She says Alexander often acts as her “backbone” by inspiring and motivating her. “Being married is fun,” she says, “It’s challenging, but when you have the right mate, it’s so much easier.”

Another family matter she’s been tending to is her father’s health. While on tour, she learned that her father suffered a heart attack. He has since had triple bypass surgery, quit smoking and changed his diet. “That was scary for me,” says L’Renee.

They now work out together in an effort to better his health and spend quality time together. “We didn’t have a great relationship growing up,” she says. “But now, we do have a close relationship. I really cherish the time that we have.”

She also spends time mentoring high school age girls through Girl POWer!, a non-profit organization she created dedicated to building self-esteem. Once a month, the group goes out for an activity, such as going to the movies, having lunch and bowling. “The girls are fantastic,” she says. “Anytime I can help another girl fulfill her dreams, I’m really all about that.”

To commemorate it’s one-year anniversary, the organization is planning a fashion show for next year, organized by the girls themselves. L’Renee encourages anyone who wants to volunteer or who knows a girl that may want to participate to contact the organization. The group is also accepting donations.

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