Mature, a New Clothing Brand, Launches in Detroit

These brothers might be separated by a couple years, but they’re mirror images of Detroit’s blue collar, white collar history. DeKoven works in a factory and Darryl earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Central Michigan University. The Humes brothers understood that both worlds share a common desire – to proudly represent the Motor City.

Mature has been around town since 2017 doing pop-ups and sharing space at the Woodward and Cass Collective (both in Midtown). Now, they are embarking on a new venture – a clothing line. The Mature brand was launched in December and will coincide with the brothers plan to secure a brick-and-mortar no later than spring or summer. In the meantime, those interested in the product line can order items on their website.

“We teach versatility. Items you can wear in your day life, to your nightlife,” Darryl says. “We want to make sure our customers feel comfortable. I’m only 31 and my brother’s 29. We want to be a part of this for the long haul. You look at Henry the Hatter, they set the bar and set the path for us as young guys. This is where the city’s headed and Mature is headed there too.”

“Right now, we’re launching a variety of items: hats, T-shirts, blazers and trench coats,” DeKoven says. “Versatility, basically. We’re taking some time out to find some distinctive pieces to start our line with. Give the people something to look forward to when we transition to our own brick-and-mortar.” He adds: “With fashion, you can become stylish and your character becomes attractive.” 

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