McDonald’s General Manager Pierre Perry on Serving Smiles

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eneral manager Pierre Perry started working at McDonald's eight years ago. But he's loved the golden arches since he was a kid.

"Every kid knows that's McDonald's, and they want to go to that McDonald's to get a Happy Meal," says Perry, explaining McDonald's familiarity as a brand has helped make him a devoted employee. "McDonald's is known around the world, so I can find a job anywhere working there."

Perry works and attends school, adding, "McDonald's is very good about working around the employee's schedule." He also does some employee recruiting for McDonald's owner and operator Deborah Virgiles.

"When we do parent-teacher conference meetings, I have Pierre go out and speak to the students on career days. And he does an excellent job with that in hiring a lot of our community employees from the schools and the churches," Virgiles says.


"Without the community, the McDonald's brand wouldn't be as strong," says Perry. "We are always here to help our community."

But the best part about his job is making people smile.

"To know that once I leave work for the day, I helped put a smile on many people's faces," Perry says. "That's what it's all about."

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