Pam and Mecah Mathis: The Jet-Setters

am, 50, makes sure she and her husband, Mecah, 53, are looking good. She usually works with her own makeup artist, but pulls off magic with her own bag of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes.

Fresh off sitting in the audience on "The Wendy Williams Show" and being spotted on camera by her friends, Pam is ready for another closeup. "This is our breakout year," she says.

The pair met as students at Wayne County Community College in the 1980s before marrying, and have spent much of their time in Detroit ever since. But in recent years, the couple has discovered travel.

Not just, one-week-in-Hawaii kind of travel. But traveling whenever they can – for both themselves and their son. The pair's son was a football standout at Cass Technical High School in Detroit and won a spot on the University of Oregon's football team. So Pam and Mecah spent every college-football weekend on a plane flying back and forth from Detroit to Oregon – or wherever the team was playing that day – for four years.

"That’s our son," Mecah says, "and he'll appreciate that later in life."


But now that their son is done with Oregon, it's back to traveling. Pam recently battled a thyroid problem, her weight going up and down, once going so far down "you could put your hand around my neck." Now, with her weight and health in check, she teaches classes through Take Shape For Life, a motivational weight-loss course.

"You can get caught up in this Detroit life," Pam says about the importance of exploring other places. "Time wasted isn’t time gained."

A key for couples is to keep crucial details – arguments, family business, all the bad stuff – off social media. "Don’t get those 'Twitter fingers,' as the kids say," Pam says.

Instead, pray. "We go to church together – Word of Faith," Mecah mentions.

And travel. Lots of travel. The pair was recently on "The Price is Right" – did you see them?

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