Torri Shaaron is a multifaceted woman and visual artist who deems herself a creator of many sorts. Clever in spirit and poignant with stencil and brush, Shaaron has crafted and commissioned prolific artwork since 2009. Her varied portfolio consists of profound portraits and scenes reflective of Black culture, ethos, and transcending experience.

“What I create comes from my unique and sometimes narrow point of view, so I’m constantly seeking a different perspective for a message to come through my work truly. As an artist, life is
like seeing with a third eye closed, listening carefully to what I take in so I can stay in tune with my
voice and my pure instincts,”

Shaaron says.

For Shaaron, her most significant pieces are rooted in people and culture. Captivating a wide range of depth on womanhood, manhood, race relations, current events, historical figures, music, and timely portraits of those who have lost their lives in the face of police brutality, Shaaron’s imagery centers on the impact and fullness of Black life within nestled communities and around the world. Her work holds a thematic expression of resilience, leadership, familial unity, celebration, and pain. 

Featuring pieces of the late Breonna Taylor and Nipsey Hussle, her portraits honor such names and stories that resonate with many for years to come. Shaaron reiterates the power of inspiration through paintings that embrace the walls of her supporters’ homes and businesses, where her art can be found within Detroit and beyond. 

“They stretch me as an artist as well as rebuild me mentally and spiritually. I become a student and a teacher, more patient, a little more unfiltered, intuitive, and imaginative – I love it there,” Shaaron explains. 

As a Detroit native, well-traveled and well-read, Shaaron draws inspiration from her lifelong experiences. Although self-taught as a painter, Shaaron is rooted in classical training in dance and other education spanning multicultural art forms. Wearing the hat of an art curator, Shaaron has led galleries to keep igniting the pulse of Detroit’s artistic scene. As evident, Shaaron is an artist and person of magnetic fluidity, where followers learn of her dedication to creative freedom.  


Through her works, Shaaron’s evocative nature and personality can be felt. She conveys the dynamic interaction and engagement of people and the narratives they derive from.

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