SpaLand Mobile Spa Offers Massages and More On Wheels


What started as love and care for an aging grandparent has grown into SpaLand, the mobile spa service by Brandy Ali. She began giving massages in 2003 and, after graduating with a degree in health sciences and finishing her massage training in 2005, Ali began contracting her services to the top spas and parlors around metro Detroit. After spending years working for others, keeping only a small percentage for herself, she realized she wanted to be her own boss. 

While pondering the how and where, Ali reminisced on why she fell in love with massage therapy in the first place. Years prior, she’d spent time acting as a caretaker for her grandmother, who often experienced pain and discomfort. Ali’s grandmother said she was the only one who could make her feel better with her massages. Ali says, “I told her, ‘Grandma, I am going to create SpaLand and cater it to senior citizens.’” She saved her money, prayed and, last June, bought a truck worth $50,000 for just over $16,000 in an online auction – and hit the ground rolling. 

“I go where people call me,” Ali says. “I wanted to create something that was convenient. You can call me any time, and I will be there in an hour.” Ali’s clientele lead busy lives and can’t always get to the massage parlor. She says it’s important for people to understand their body and get routine massages – it’s the self-care that we all need. With massages, you learn what feels good, what doesn’t and how your muscles react. Her growing team of 12 massage therapists will stretch you, work out your muscles and use pressure points to relieve stress.

In addition to a variety of massages, including deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, reflexology and Swedish, SpaLand Mobile Spa also offers facials, manicures, pedicures and, soon, vaginal steaming. Lovers can also book a date night complete with a couple’s massage and dinner prepared by a chef.

The spa features a TV and refrigerator, a main room that expands for more space and a private room in back. This summer, Ali plans to introduce a yacht and bring the same experiences to sea. She’s also gSearing up to add more SpaLand trucks, with one specifically for senior citizens and able to accept insurance.



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