Success: A Level K Salon, Southfield

re you satisfied with your image? When you look in the mirror, do you see success?

Success, however you define it, is something almost everyone wants. This realization is how I came up with the name “SUCCESS” for my new salon. I needed the name to be universal.

I’m thrilled that SUCCESS: A Level K Salon, is now open and thriving. On April 3, Mayor Brenda Lawrence was present for our grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony. On April 9, we held a celebration at a neighboring Black-owned small business, The Velvet Room. Now, we’re doing what we love five days a week-serving our guests.

After deciding on the name, the hard part was building a team that matched the public’s interpretation of what “success” should look like. I figured anyone can be a success. So, my staff is diverse in age, race and faith. This uniqueness allows us to service whomever walks into our salon. We all want someone to service us that we feel can relate to us.

As an owner, I keep in mind what going to a salon was like for me before I became part of the beauty industry. I always remember how I wanted to be treated and the level of service I expected. I train my staff to do the same. We even give surveys to our guests so we can hear directly what we need to do to improve.


In order to remain at the forefront of style and image, we continuously educate our clients and ourselves. This field is ever changing, and we’ll always be able to provide a unique, polished, current look.

I’m a licensed cosmetology instructor. We have a schedule of classes for our staff and for the public. We make sure our guests know how to maintain their look.

SUCCESS: A Level K Salon isn’t the only salon I intend to own. There is a need for salons of this caliber and diversity everywhere. My passion is helping clients enhance their image through education and impeccable customer service. When you feel great about the way you look, it can boost your confidence overall. We’re here to make that happen

We’re celebrating the grand opening of our new salon throughout the month of April. I hope you’ll come visit us and let us serve you.

SUCCESS: A Level K Salon
29520 Northwestern Highway, Southfield

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