Beyond the songstress, Keely Mitchell, The Artist — formerly known as Keely Ferguson  —  is a multidimensional soul. Her diversified hats include singer, songwriter, musician, wife, and mother. She is one of those humans whose passion exudes across all of her crafts and skills. She is a versatile woman and musical advocate, delivering a significant range of pontificating rhythm and blues, and soul. Keely is both soloist and one half of the R&B duo, “Sweet Novmber,” alongside her husband, Michael Alln. 

More profound than her voice and many other gifts, is her mission of creating her dream life and propelling legacy forward through family business and eternal love. 

BLAC: Keely, what’s is your mindset right now? 

Fresh off a maternity break, I’m ready to dive back into the world of entertainment. The time I spent building a family with my husband, Michael Alln, also gave me two years to perfect my direction as an artist, entrepreneur and, most importantly, a woman. Taking on a role in my husband’s independent label “BaseHead Entertainment” and starting our band “Sweet Novmber” has given me a new perspective on navigating my craft. 

The entire world has changed around us and left no choice other than to keep up with a constantly changing economy. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and DSPs (digital service providers) are things most people don’t think about but for conscious artists like myself it’s become a constant conversation to redefine our careers.


It was important for my partner and I to study the transitioning industries and make our art available throughout the growing world of technology. We’re making our music available on all spaces within the meta and universe in hopes to stay connected with our audience. 

BLAC: What’s next for you?

I look forward to releasing more music throughout the year. I am excited for my solo album, “Dream Queen,” and the band’s first living album, “Year One,” to land on your hearts and your playlists. It will fuse classic R&B with screwed pop and melodic acoustics. I feel insanely driven and focused to grow in business, love and leadership. 

You can find Keely and all of her musical vibes and projects on and

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