Tie One On

reams really do come true-just ask Jaiden Shephard, who last Christmas night had a life-changing dream that he was a fashion designer.

“I was on the stage, on the runway and I had this standing ovation from thousands of people applauding my work,” says the 23-year-old Detroiter, who also is a model and photographer. “The dream felt so real.”

Within days, Shephard created Vintage Ties By Jaiden, a collection of pre-owned neckties and bowties given new pizzazz with flowers, chains and studs.

Made for men and women, his ties, ranging from $25 to about $45, are so high in demand they already have been featured in fashion shoots and shows in Toronto, and he’s in talks with producers in the UK. It’s only been six months, and Shephard says there’s no stopping him now.

“I don’t let anything stop me, no matter what it is,” he says. “People are going to talk about you, but I speak for me and I will keep my eyes on the prize.”


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