I traveled to Paris Fashion Week this September with thirty amazing women of color, and it changed my life.  Due to the marginalization of Black and Brown women, there aren’t many spaces where we can come together and bond on common themes like sisterhood and fashion, that extend beyond the challenges we face in daily lives, such as striving for equality.  This trip gave us a change to bond as women and dreamers.

Ultimate Girls Trip

The trip to Paris was all about connecting on the joyful themes of fashion, culture, and self-exploration.  Our group was intergenerational, some personal friends and associates, all Black and Brown women from varied careers excelling in areas like medicine, finance, entrepreneurship, and academia. All came ready and open to experience all that Paris had to offer but got so much more in return.

Photo by @⁨Phelan marc

“Traveling with a group of Black women from across the country to Paris for a culture and fashion expose was soul reviving and spirit fulfilling.  Our connection grew deeper day by day as we acknowledged our shared vision for the journey together,” says Dawn Mitchell. “On day one we held hands and called the name of an ancestor who brought us to the moment. Our common voice of sisterhood was compelling, and it influenced how I experienced the legacy,  history, beauty, and love of Paris that I witnessed.  There was a special moment when we walked the grounds of Josephine Baker’ estate, I felt she willed us to be there.   Her spirit sent us back to America to soar, to do more, be more and to boldly represent.”        

Photo by @⁨Phelan marc

The Fashion

We attended shows at the Ritz Carlton that featured Vukani Fashion, Culture Trees, Alessandra Corbi and Melerine Rose.  We also had a private meet and greet with Black French couture designer.  We visited Little Africa Village where we purchased African fabrics to have pieces made by an African tailor.  

“There were many re-acquaintances made and friendships developing from day one. Several of us continue to speak several times a week and are planning trips to new destinations together,” says Kimberly Williams. “Honestly, it’s been joyful to share our experiences through conversation and photos with others who didn’t make the trip. Everyone is excited about the next tour and I can’t wait.”


Our time in Paris with these women was life-changing because we walked away with a recommitment to elevate our fashion style and life goals. These accomplished fashionistas gave me the energy and insight to revisit my own life goals in a much broader, more global perspective.  During the trip, visiting the sacred, iconic Black spaces such as Josephine Baker’s chateau outside of Paris was especially moving to be able to walk the grounds where Baker herself held her infamous salons with some of the most established Black entertainment and literary dignitaries of that era.

Black Designers

Yes, we were there for fashion and was able to partake in fashion shows for emerging designers, but we also used the trip to display our own fashion expressions.  I chose to express my fashion inspirations by only wearing Black designers.  For the purpose of sharing my platform with others, I selected fifteen designers and black-owned businesses for my outfit selections, which ranged from three suits by Unisa Eurani and the vintage boutique the Collective at Indigo Style .

Personal Exploration

As women of color are more prominently traveling and pursuing personal explorations, Post-Covid, travel and life exploration have become top of mind for all but most importantly for underrepresented individuals who now see this new awakening as a time to fulfill their life dreams and aspirations.  

Jacqueline Jenkins is founder of Sophisticated Curation, a fashion-oriented community for seasoned female leaders. Sophisticated Curation’s mission is to amplify the voices and service the interests of often-overlooked women over the age of 40. @SophisticatedCuration

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