Voluptuous Bien’Aime Boutique Offers Plus-Size Clothes for Stylish Women

Nicole Bien-Aime

Voluptuous Bien’Aime Boutique owner Nicole Bien-Aime says, “we try to appeal to the modern woman of today.” The shop is in the heart of the Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhood selling a multitude of fashions, fit for all women, including plus-size ladies, offering sizes 0 to 5X.

Bien-Aime says, “Plus size is very important. It is so hard trying to find plus-size clothes – and that’s anywhere.” She says other stores aren’t likely to focus on bigger women, instead they “dibble and dabble,” and even then, she contends that often the sizing is off or the styles just simply aren’t sexy.

Voluptuous is here to fix that ill and fill that void, delivering clothes that fit a woman’s personality and her body. And they’re taking care of home first. “I live in the same community in which my business is in. Community presence is real important.” It’s not unusual to catch them involved in some community event or otherwise engaging with the neighborhood.

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