When we think about an active lifestyle, fashion often takes a backseat. However, W by Crystal White is shattering this misconception. Founded by a woman on a mission to find quality activewear that was both functional and fashionable, Crystal White noticed a significant gap in the market catering to active women with curvy figures.

The Journey of W by Crystal White

Launching its first collection in early 2020, W by Crystal White aimed to fill that void with stylish and supportive activewear. The clothing line was driven by Crystal’s personal journey towards fitness and the need in her wardrobe for durable, stylish alternatives.’

“When I started my healthy lifestyle journey, I looked for athleisure items that could transition from the gym to running quick errands and also make me feel confident at the same time,” shared Crystal White, the proud proprietor of W by Crystal White. “I didn’t see that need being met, so I decided to create it! W is a brand for women like me who want to feel supported and empowered in the gym and in their day-to-day.” 

The Intersection of Modish Design and Practical Functionality

Each collection from W by Crystal White is built on the foundation of ‘Everyday Luxury’. This unique concept encourages customers to infuse luxury into their everyday lifestyle through thoughtfully designed, high-quality products.

W by Crystal White: Designed for You

Regardless of whether your lifestyle involves running a marathon, managing a business, or chasing after your children, W by Crystal White’s activewear is tailored with you in mind. Steeped in the spirit of fashion meeting function, this is what W by Crystal White calls ‘Everyday Luxury.’

W by Crystal White

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