Love is a universal language that we all define on our own terms. When we add the super ingredient of our blackness, love can take on a unique power shared through our ancestral lineage rich with traditions and customs passed through generations, and shaped by our own individual views on life.

Here at BLAC, we celebrate Black love in a series called ‘BLAC Wedded Bliss’ highlighting Detroit’s most recent representations of Black love on their wedding day. Curated by Shar D. Bufkin of Fabulous Fabrics; BLAC Wedded Bliss allows us to dream and celebrate Black love.

The Couple: Devin and Simone Lewis

Photographer: Weddings by Jermme

Wedding Planner: DirectHer Weddings

Event and Floral Design: Velvet Touch Events

Room Drapery: Fabulous Fabrics

Photography: Jermme

Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Detroit-Dearborn

Photographer: Weddings by Jermme

If there’s one thing Linen Rental & Event Execution specialist Shar D. Bufkin knows well, it’s the importance of elegance. Whether it’s planning the perfect ceremony, creating a safe space for love to commit, or perfecting the location for a couple to wed, elegance matters. Shar first met fellow florist designer Amber Kirkland from the Velvet Touch Events years ago when both were creating magical moments, when they decided to work together. “In fact, Shar was able to go above and beyond the original space and create an intimate, family celebration with extra draping, which was always my goal,” says Lorri Lewis, The DirectHer Wedding Planner, “this was a wedding celebration “I don’t believe that the atmosphere would have been what it was without Shar’s expertise, and the pictures definitely would not have turned out as well either; even the staff at the hotel and photographer reiterated the same thought.”

BLAC wants to help celebrate your nuptials. If you’ve planning a Wedding and would like to be considered for our matrimony feature, email us at Be Sure to Put “BLAC WEDDED BLISS” in the subject line and include your full name and phone number.


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