Summer is finally here! We’ve all been looking forward to taking our first vacations now that outside is open once again. Most Americans are still on hold from jumping on a plane to travel abroad, but there is plenty to enjoy right here. If you have friends and family considering their next vacation destination, how about you suggest Detroit!

We’ve got you covered on preparing an incredible weekend trip for them when they come to visit. It’s your job to give your visitors the best experience ever so that they tell others to visit our amazing city – we’ll help you out in the process.

Keep reading to see how to keep your out-of-town guests entertained while visiting Detroit for the weekend.

Day One

Be sure to let your guests know to get some rest on the flight in or the night before because you’ll have an exciting day planned for them on their first day in Detroit. Hopefully, the weather is nice because there are a lot of things to see and do around the city. As you probably know from living here, there are still tons that even the locals haven’t experienced yet.


Wake up in the morning and get dressed in some comfortable walking shoes because you have a lot of ground to cover. Head into the city to give them an overview of one of the most bustling areas of town, especially for visitors.

Sightseeing in Detroit

As soon as you get into town, stop by The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It’s the perfect way to start a Detroit experience since the beans are sourced locally in Michigan, and the décor reflects the city’s revival.

Head to one of Detroit’s most iconic landmarks, the Motown Museum, to see where great music originated. It’s best to get there first thing to beat the big tourist crowds. It gives you a bit more time to learn about its history, see costumes and plaques of your favorite artists, and even sing a song in the legendary studio.

When you’re finished, drive over to Campus Martius to enjoy one of the most famous city plazas in Detroit. There are always fun things happening at Campus Martius. You can walk down Woodward Avenue to see the “Power to the People” Street mural designed to honor the civil rights movement and present-day civil unrest. It leads directly to the iconic “Spirit of Detroit” statue.

American vs. Lafayette Coney Island

You’ve probably worked up an appetite after sightseeing. The good news is that two of the most famous restaurants are located just a few minutes away from the park – American and Lafayette Coney Island. The Coney Dog is a must-try for any newcomer visiting the city. There’s always a debate about who has the best coney, so try them both and have your guest decide!

Leisure Afternoon in Detroit

After stuffing yourself with some delicious food, take some time to walk it off. If you like shopping, there are plenty of cool shops to check out along Woodward, like Shinola Detroit and The Detroit Shoppe, where you can find lots of cool stuff. It’s the perfect time to pick up a few souvenirs.

Next, go down to the Detroit Riverwalk, which was voted the best in the country. The entire strip along the Detroit River is full of breath-taking views. Look across the water to see Canada or get one of the best viewpoints of the Renaissance Center.

Keep an eye out on the clock because you have one more stop. Visit Belle Isle to have an evening picnic and enjoy an unbelievable sunset over the Detroit skyline.

Day Two

We’re sure that your guests enjoyed their first-day experience in Detroit. Hopefully, you saved some energy because day two will be just as exciting!

Explore Detroit’s Culture & History

Now that they have an excellent overview of the city, it’s time to immerse them in a bit of the Detroit culture and history. There’s one amazing place where you can easily accomplish it – Midtown.

Midtown Detroit is known as the city’s cultural hub. It has several museums worth stopping by and easy to get around once you arrive. We know that day one was a lot of walking, so how about have a bit of fun going between destinations on one of the electric scooters.

One of the must-see museums for art-aficionados is the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA). It’s the city’s premier fine art museum, with a collection ranking among the top in the US. It’s one of the most visited museums and should definitely be on your itinerary.

After checking out the DIA, hop on your scooter to the nearby Detroit Historical Museum. The museum holds a comprehensive collection full of Detroit history and memorabilia. Enter the rotunda to see a chronological order of Detroit history, including sports and automobiles. The Detroit ’67 exhibit is a permanent gallery detailing the events of the Detroit Riots. There is also a recreation of an auto plant.

Taste Detroit-Style Pizza

Did you know that we have our own style of pizza? New York and Chicago aren’t the only cities with a signature slice. Detroit-style pizza is a deep-dish square slice. Out-of-towners are always stunned when they reach for a square piece of pizza.

There are tons of places to find Detroit-style pizza. Visit Shield’s Pizza for a hometown favorite or taste the delicious slices at Michigan & Trumbull, a newcomer to the pizza scene.

Go to an Event

It’s not quite time to end the day just yet. Spend the last evening in Detroit at one of the event venues for live entertainment. 

You have several options for outdoor or indoor entertainment. The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre always has incredible concerts or sit in for some smooth tunes playing at Cliff Bell’s Jazz Club. There is also an outdoor movie screening happening weekly at Campus Martius for all ages.

It’s impossible to see all the wonderful things in Detroit in just a couple of days, but the goal is to get them excited enough to want to come back! 

Got people coming in town to visit you this summer? Let us know what experience you’re most excited to share about Detroit!

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