Grab a cup of whatever keeps you centered (perhaps a piping hot chai or that favorite cup of coffee) and get comfortable. Let’s discuss one remarkable event unfolding in our city, an event uniting art and nature in a way we’ve never seen before!

Imagine stepping into an outdoor art gallery, where the vibrant strokes of a gifted local artist meet the rich hues of Michigan’s wildlife. This mishmash of color is about to become a reality at Dequindre Cut, thanks to the inspiring vision of the Michigan Wildlife Council, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and Ed Irmen. How? Through a splendid mural sprawling along Dequindre Cut. But there’s more than meets the eye – this isn’t an ordinary mural.

Eight squares align in a neat 4×2 grid, each soon to wear its own vibrant depiction of a wild creature we call our own: Elk, Turkey, Monarch Butterfly, Cottontail Rabbit, Sturgeon, Pheasant, Black Bear, and Porcupine. Sounds exciting? Oh, but wait, there’s a twist!

Each week, a new square will come to life, revealing a new species. It’s like the world’s most stunning advent calendar. Come October, during our beloved Harvest Fest, we’ll all have the chance to add our personal touches to the mural, painting in the frame around it. Yes, you heard it right! We get to co-create this wildlife celebration.

So why wildlife? Here’s the heartwarming part – this mural isn’t merely about art, it’s about education. It’s an invitation to learn about the importance of wildlife, and how our efforts matter to ensure a healthy and balanced population of these wonderful creatures. And it’s not just about them; it’s about all of us – the co-inhabitants of the ecosystem.


All Michiganders and our wildlife benefit equally from well-managed conservation efforts. From promoting mental well-being, to fostering a connection with nature, balance is beauty. And we are part of creating that balance.

Whether we merely enjoy watching a Monarch flutter by, or we’re anglers casting lines, we all have a crucial role to play. Did you know hunters and anglers help maintain balanced wildlife populations and prevent overpopulation? It’s fascinating. Their contribution extends far beyond, significantly boosting Michigan’s economy, and creating numerous jobs.

So friends, let’s take this opportunity. Let’s come together to learn, celebrate, and be part of the picture, quite literally. After all, protecting our wildlife is about preserving our heritage, our links to nature, and our wellbeing.

Remember, we don’t need a green thumb to nurture our ecosystem. Sometimes, we just need a paintbrush and an open heart. Let’s pick up both come October and become a part of this fantastic journey.

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