As the name suggests, Schoolcraft College’s Personal and Professional Learning (PPL) department offers the opportunity to take non-credit courses that support hobbies or interests or enhance career development. They’re a great way to explore new topics or brush up on existing skills in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Larina Robbins, a busy and accomplished professional in the automotive world, started her journey with Schoolcraft College’s continuing education with a Project Management Exam readiness course more than 10 years ago.

Since then? Well, all the courses Larina has taken starts to read like the PPL catalog! They include:

  • Microsoft Project class
  • Management and supervisory enhancement training
  • Swim aerobics and conditioning
  • Ford Athletic Swim Triathlon swim training
  • Lifeguard certification training
  • POUND class (exercise that uses drumsticks and drumming movements)
  • TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)
  • Beginner Italian
  • Beginner French

“I love the classes at Schoolcraft because they are affordable and small,” Larina said. “There are many classes that have helped enhance my professional skill set and improve communication within a global workforce.

“Also, the physical education classes are an excellent way to keep in good physical condition and are fun with friendly, knowledgeable instructors.”


And as Larina’s experience shows, whether you’re interested in gaining new skills for work, learning a new language or improving your health, PPL can help.

“My favorite motto to live by is ‘Everyone needs to discover their inner champion and celebrate the uniqueness of you,’” Larina said.

It’s great advice, and Schoolcraft College’s Personal and Professional Learning courses can help.

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