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Black Lives Matter
The Highland Park memorial honors Malice Green, killed by police in Detroit in 1992, and all the other Black lives lost.
hair art
The hair sculptor is determined to make us see hair art as a legitimate artform in its own right.
Alvin Ailey
As the second-to-last stop of the 2020 Ailey Experience Tour, Ailey Extension instructors are leading a two-day workshop open to children, teens and adults at the Detroit Opera House.
Running through March 1, the Norwest Gallery of Art exhibition explores the culture of black hair.
The exhibition opened Nov. 12 and displays art gathered from private collections.
Personal to Political
Starting Dec. 19, artists from Paulson Fontaine Press showcase works on intaglio prints.
This gang of girls explores everything from Afro-Americana to the queer Caribbean experience to YouTube conspiracies.
Music Hall murals
The legend Stevie Wonder adorns the venue’s south-facing wall.
Detroit Art Week
Aleiya Lindsey and Amani Olu have beckoned 150 artists, curators and gallerists to Detroit for five days of exhibitions, performances and more.
Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club
Detroit artists and art collectors meet at Noni’s Sherwood Grille to grub and share pieces.
culture creators
The collective includes musicians, photographers, filmmakers, producers and the like.
The New Mona Lisa
The pieces by Douglas Jones and curated by Asia Hamilton are on display at the Norwest Gallery of Art in Detroit until April 5.

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