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Join us at the NINE Design + Homes Festival of the Arts on June 17, 2023, for a celebration of Detroit's artistic community! 🎨🎶🍴
Explore the art of 5 exceptional Black queer artists from Detroit, giving voice to unique experiences & perspectives
Denzel Palm
Check out Denzel Palm's innovative use of crayons in his artwork that's bringing a unique and fresh perspective to Detroit's art scene. You won't want to miss this talented artist's colorful creations!
Octavia Butler's Kindred is a powerful and thought-provoking novel that explores the legacy of slavery and the ongoing impact of racism and oppression on contemporary society. Read this book review to learn more about this masterful blend of science fiction and historical fiction.
The Art of Sydney G. James
Immerse yourself in the power of resilience in Sydney G. James' first solo exhibition, "Girl Raised in Detroit," at MOCAD. #Resilience #SydneyGJames #MOCAD
Mieyoshi Ragernoir
This exhibition is a must-see for anyone seeking an immersive and transformative art experience. Saturdays from 12 pm to 6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm @ Norwest Gallery
marcel stewart
We are proud to feature the work of Marcel Stewart, a master of abstract expressionism whose art is characterized by a variety of hues, designs, and movements that bring his own theories of depth and color to life. #AbstractExpressionism #MarcelStewart
Endea Owens
Endea Owens, one of the most vibrant emerging artists in the jazz community, performs a tribute to her mentor Rodney Whitaker at the Carr Center on March 25th.
Turn My Girl Up
Examine the crucial role of women in hip-hop with Black Bottom Archives
Twisted Storytellers Presents WOMAN QUEEN
Celebrating Women's History Month with a one-night community storytelling event, WOMAN QUEEN celebrates women and their remarkable stories
Rosemary Summers Artist
Detroit-born and raised, Rosemary Summers has always been surrounded by color and creativity. Growing up knowing she had a special gift. Her parents raised her to believe she could do anything.
Eastern Market Partnership Promotes From Within to Leadership Positions

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