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Nep Sidhu’s first solo exhibit in the U.S., “Paradox of Harmonics,” is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) now until September 11, 2022. The Toronto-based artist dedicates the exhibit to his Sikh religion. Sidhu uses Afrofturist and Sikh practices to reveal how the power of sound...
Crimes Against Reality
A collective of artists present ‘Crimes Against Reality,’ an exhibition that uses film and performance art to spotlight the Indigenous perspective.
Science Gallery Detroit
The Detroit Month of Design exhibition imagines the future of design.
Pieces from the actress’s personal collection celebrate black womanhood.
Running through March 1, the Norwest Gallery of Art exhibition explores the culture of black hair.
The exhibition opened Nov. 12 and displays art gathered from private collections.
This gang of girls explores everything from Afro-Americana to the queer Caribbean experience to YouTube conspiracies.
The New Mona Lisa
The pieces by Douglas Jones and curated by Asia Hamilton are on display at the Norwest Gallery of Art in Detroit until April 5.

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