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Join us at the NINE Design + Homes Festival of the Arts on June 17, 2023, for a celebration of Detroit's artistic community! ???
Why It’s Still So Important For The Future of Our Youth As young people transition back to school at such a time as the existing global pandemic, there is bountiful room for more discussions on the state of our children, their futures, and how we must craft further avenues for...
Allied Media Projects
The series, dubbed ‘Bloom,’ brings togethers artists and organizers for discussions around music, healing, politics and more.
Dual Vision
The project matches 40 artists of different disciplines for a ‘conversation’ on collaboration.
Michigan Opera Theatre
The show must go on, with socially distanced seating and a remixed venue.
Motown Museum
The Motown Museum Lyric Project invites teens 13-18 to a two-week songwriting and music production workshop.
The category is: Black, queer realness with an activist attitude.
Michigan Opera Theatre's annual fundraising soiree is back and honoring the community's connection to the theatre and to Detroit.