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New African American Exhibit at Automotive Hall of Fame
The Dearborn-based Automotive Hall of Fame is featuring a new exhibit that highlights African American's and there impact on the automotive industry and society.
The Gotham Hotel Detroit
Detroit’s Gotham Hotel, located at 111 Orchestra Place at John R, was one of the city’s most legendary sites of Black history. Between the 1920s and 1960s, the hotel was a popular destination for Black tastemakers
102nd United States Colored Troops Company B
Originally known as 1st Michigan Colored Infantry, the 102nd United States Colored Troopssuffered through hunger, sickness, and discrimination in an effort to secure freedom and equality for all people. We honor these brave men, who are often overlooked in history books.
New Detroit-based Podcast series Tapestry in Black launching just in time for Black History Month
Detroit-based producer Khaliah Young and producing partners announces his new Podcast series 'Tapestry in Black' launching just in time for Black History Month. 'Tapestry in Black' is a collection of rich, soulful, life-changing narratives that move, inspire and educate.
With these documentaries, Take a look back at the life and influence of these giants on whose shoulders we all stand on.
Angela Davis
With this next generation of kids, let’s make sure they learn more about those hidden figures.
Washtenaw County African American Genealogy Society
Cheryl Garnett and Omer Jean Winborn says this area is rich in African American history.
No Time to Hate
The author uses archives and Ancestry.com to tell his great-great-grandfather Lexius Henson Sr.’s story.