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Bolo bags by Ashya
And while the holidays are just around the corner, here's a list of Black-founded and created luxury bag brands whose unique takes on design making us oh-so-excited to buy Black, whenever possible. Carrying a bag from a Black designer can feel like being a part of a secret society.
“If you’re Black, stay back; if you’re brown, stick around; if you’re yellow, you’re mellow; if you’re white, you’re alright”. This was a playground rhyme that was tossed around as if it was a harmless childhood soundtrack to accompany hopscotch, jump rope, and jacks. Schoolyard chatter taught me a...
Marv Neal’s Journey to Being the Go-To Man Marv Neal is Detroit’s style gem — a creative director, fashion and style curator and creator — hailing from Detroit’s North End in the 1980s. At a young age, Neal was dubbed ‘the fashion guy’ and grew to be a midwest styling...
It was a beautiful weekend, and while the internet is still talking about the Bottega Veneta Show or Amanda Seales from Insecure wearing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. letters and sacred shield -  we’re still on cloud nine from experiencing Maison Black.  In case you haven’t heard, Maison Black is...
View this post on Instagram A post shared by BLAC® Detroit Magazine (@blacdetroitmag) Tori Nichel, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, launches Maison Black, a curated online retail destination for accessible...
Of all the factors to consider when moving away to college, whether or not the clothing stores carry items that cater to your body and needs might get lost in the mental shuffle next to things like pricey meal plans and planning routes to class.  Regardless, that’s exactly the situation...
ChoCho Chen the Fashion House has launched their summer swimsuit collection. The bright and bold designs bring artistry to the body. Stephanie-Blair Watts founder and designer of ChoCho Chen says, “the artwork is the main focus.” ChoCho Chen offers three collections for the swimsuit line. She created the Butterfly Effect,...
Black fashion
Dopamine dressing in bright, citrus-y hues.
Vavvoune Mishe bag in pear green. Via Carrying a bag from a Black designer can feel like being a part of a secret society. Standing in line and hearing “Hey, G-Hive!” or walking into a party and hearing “OK, Haus Wife!” offer a moment of solidarity between the bag owner...
For the cool kids who like statements that feel like they were made off the cuff. Oh this? I just threw it on.
spring fashion
Shake off the winter blues in bold prints and luminescent hues.
Show this city that comments about "building a wall" are unacceptable.