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Sip the flavor of Black excellence with Fior Scotch—crafted with tradition, enjoyed by our beautiful community. 🥃✊🏾
This BLAC Happy Hour Classic Paloma cocktail with the Anteel Tequila seems to add just the right kick to this class cocktail recipe.
BLAC Happy Hour Tom Collins
BLAC has added Snoop Dogg’s Gin Brand Indoggo to this Tom Collins recipe for our Black-owned Gin twist to this classic cocktail.
This BLAC Happy Hour Classic Margarita cocktail recipe is one that you should memorize just in time for the holidays since it's so easy to whip up at impromptu office parties, holiday Netflix and chills, or when you need a reminder of sunshine in the middle of winter.
When it comes to versatility and simplicity, vodka is king. A perfect Black-Owned Vodka to spotlight in this original Moscow Mule Cocktail recipe is, 'Stock Da Bar,' SDB.
You might have heard of the advice “don’t mix drinks.” And that’s the advice the creators of Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum simply ignored. Looking back, it’s perhaps one of the best decisions they have made. One night, Kenneth Cook and Sloteur Joseph were drinking together — on the table was tequila and Kremas, a creamy Haitian cocktail...
In this episode of BLAC Happy Hour special, we kick-off a NEW series focusing on highlighting the history and making of spirits, starting with the illustrious Cognac. Jennifer Peoples of The Perfect 10 shares stories and information on the Black-Owned Labels/Brands Branson, Lasserre, NYAK & Tycoon How are you...
We all love our black-owned spirits. Here at BLAC, we support black-owned liquor by concocting our favorite cocktails on BLAC Happy Hour. So when we heard about a partnership that aims to put more Black representation behind our favorite cocktails, we needed to know more. BLAC sat with Dia Simms from...
The smooth and savory taste of LS Cream Liqueur was inspired by cremas, a sweet and creamy Haitian ancestral recipe that has been handed down for generations. The naturally composed beverage which is kosher, low lactose, gluten and nut free,  is the first black owned liqueur company. Profoundly served as...
Heatwave 2 oz Anteel Reposado tequila 3/4 oz Cointreau1/2 oz Lime juice1/4 oz Simple syrup1 oz Pineapple juice1 Jalapeno slice (remove seeds for less heat)2 oz Red wineChili-lime seasoning for rimJalapeno slices and lime wheel for garnish  If desired, rub lime on the rim of the glass and dip into the chili-lime...