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 Disney properties may be the “happiest place on Earth,” but they certainly haven’t been the most diverse.  Downtown Disney, adjacent to the Disneyland property in Anaheim, California, features a row of unique eateries, upscale shops and entertainment for the park's guests.But the shopping mecca has been trying to bolster...
Opinion Piece By Rev. Rhonda Thomas President Biden made headlines when he announced at the end of January 2022 that he would nominate a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer created the vacancy. After the announcement, there was understandable praise among persons favoring diversification on the...
If you're like me, you take your hair care seriously - it’s not a game. You’re always looking for the best hair extensions for protective styling. I’m excited to announce the arrival of Darling, Africa's #1 hair extensions brand, to the United States! Darling specializes in the elevation of beauty...
Talina Smith has opened the doors to D’Portier Beauty. It’s a first for West Bloomfield, Michigan; a distinguished full service luxury salon and spa that is black-woman owned for the niche community serving multicultural hair care necessities and experiences. In getting acquainted with this 20-year veteran‘s life, work, service...
For the Breast of Us, the first-ever blog and online community for all women of color affected by breast cancer, has launched a brand new campaign to increase the representation and inclusion of minority breast cancer survivors. #WhenYouSeeUsWe’re excited to showcase our new brand photography. Not only are we celebrating...
It’s a pretty funny story-- I started out trimming in the cannabis industry simply to find the best weed in Detroit. As a consumer of the sticky icky for most of my adult life, I’d had the experience of tasting most of what the world has to offer, from...
mother wit
Passed down from our ancient foremothers, “mother wit” is where practicality meets spirituality.
Ascension Michigan
Fibroids – especially cumbersome in Black women – can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged periods, bleeding between periods, pelvic pain and back pain.
Ain't I A Woman?
The ladies on our list are authors, community leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and social activists, and that's but a mere drop in the bucket of badassness.

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