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The origins of 4/20 are hazy. Some 4/20 rumors that say 420 is the California penal code for marijuana convictions — it’s not. Others say that the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco police use the numbers as radio code for marijuana possession and smoking — not true...
Detroit’s delayed recreational cannabis ordinance was finally approved by its city council. Black and Brown legacy residents can begin to meaningfully participate in the city’s billion-dollar cannabis industry. Legislative Lead for Recreational Marijuana and Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore James Tate said that this ordinance will provide the best...
Our beloved Pistons legend Ben “Big Ben” Wallace is back to make his mark in Detroit in a new way. He has signed an exclusive cannabis licensing agreement with the Michigan-based dispensary Rair. Wallace has spent time developing his own strain of flower along with pre-rolls, vape cartridges and...
With 38 states already legalizing cannabis in some form and many additional states looking at ballot measures later this year, legal cannabis continues to be a booming industry.  But the cannabis ownership landscape is anything but booming for people of color.  According to the Drug Policy Alliance, less than 1% of...
Imagine waking up on a Monday morning; you open your eyes and are welcomed by a blaring alarm, stiff muscles, and an arm-long to-do list. You wonder how you're going to make it through the day, and remember there is a remedy! You see a half-smoked "Pink Cookie" blunt...
It’s a pretty funny story-- I started out trimming in the cannabis industry simply to find the best weed in Detroit. As a consumer of the sticky icky for most of my adult life, I’d had the experience of tasting most of what the world has to offer, from...
Neighborhood Essentials
Tre Hobbs says it’s about more than just getting high – he wants to empower his community.
CEO Marjorie Harvey promises a laid back environment with monthly membership tiers.

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