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Amid a fully packed Los Angeles stadium, Denzel Washington paid tribute to the first African American to ever play in Major League Baseball.
NBC added the drama “Found,” a story about a public relations specialists who sheds light into missing persons cases, to its upcoming shows.
Symone Sanders and Shawn Townsend tied the knot in a surprise wedding with 100 guests who didn’t even know they were attending a wedding.
Beyoncé has officially opened a TikTok account, and her entire discography is now available as backing sounds for everyone.
“Dancing with the Stars” announced yesterday that Alfonso Ribeiro will be joining the show’s next season as cohost.
Through Black Ambition, Pharrell Williams has invested in the start-up company Trend in its first round of pre-seed fundraising.
Last June 17, the last payment to nearly $8 million IRS tax bill to the estate of the late Aretha Franklin has finally been paid in full.
Anthony Mackie will be holding the shield for the 4th “Captain America” film directed by Nigerian American Julius Onah.
Watch Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg hunt for vampires in this trailer for the Netflix film “Day Shift” (2022). Streaming starts in August.
Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s eldest daughter, just married her financé, actor Michael Xavier, in an intimate wedding at Beverly Hills.
Tiger Woods playing golf
Tiger Woods is already one of the most accomplished golfers of all time, and now he can add another impressive feather to his cap. According to Forbes, Woods' net worth is now estimated to be at least $1 billion, which would make him one of only three athlete billionaires...