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Wildemere Park residents are celebrating the 27th anniversary of the Million Man March with a volunteer-driven community breakfast.
Ruby Bridges, one of the first African American student to desegregate an elementary school, announced the release of her children’s book.
Tennessee House Minority Leader Karen Camper announced that July 16 has been enshrined as a state holiday dedicated to Ida B. Wells.
Sarah Elizabeth Ray
On Tuesday, March 30, BLAC will host writer Desiree Cooper and filmmaker Aaron Schillinger to discuss their short film and the life of Sarah Elizabeth Ray.
Civil rights history
As we look forward, let’s also peer back at some of the landmark legislation, grassroots movements and pivotal moments in the fight for equality.
Black Lives Matter
Writers, activists and elected officials pen op-eds to try and make sense of George Floyd, police brutality, protests and what comes next.
Elijah Cummings
The congressman died on Thursday at age 68, but his legacy of democracy and advocacy lives on.
Gloria House
Kresge Arts celebrates this longtime Detroiter, professor, author and activist.
Damon Keith
A tribute to the judge who never stopped fighting — for civil rights, fairness and equality for all.