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Navigating the new normal, especially when it comes to summer celebrations, can be tricky with COVID-19 still circulating and infections on the rise in some communities. Even after two years, attending summer events like family cookouts, visiting amusement parks, and enjoying music and cultural festivals still comes with challenges...
As we continue through the winter, states around the US are experiencing drastic increases in their numbers of confirmed COVID cases. According to michigan.gov, the average number of confirmed COVID cases in Michigan over the past five days, as of January 3rd, 2022, is 12,247 per day. BLAC spoke...
We can all agree that COVID-19 has overstayed its welcome. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting life to bounce back after the pandemic ends and to "get back to normal;" however, the consistent rise in numbers and introduction of new variants like Omicron (what people are jokingly referring to as...
Victoria Dooley, M.D. The evolving conversation about COVID-19 has turned from the majority of the discussion revolving around whether or not people should receive one of the three vaccines on offer. Now, the topic of debate for those who did elect to get “the jab” is whether or not to...
holiday entertaining
We invited locals to sip and savor at our intimate holiday get-together.