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Black Lives Matter
The Highland Park memorial honors Malice Green, killed by police in Detroit in 1992, and all the other Black lives lost.
The company has committed to helping Black and Latino communities in Detroit and around the country.
COVID-19 relief
Health care workers, DPD police officers and firefighters, paramedics and DDOT bus drivers get a free McDonald’s breakfast every day through the end of May.
Amazing Grace Movie
Friends, family and fans of Aretha Franklin were among the first to view footage of the Queen of Soul recording the Grammy-winning "Amazing Grace."
Shari Williams
The community partnerships manager is looking to advance the quality of life for Detroiters and helping to rebuild Detroit one block at a time.
A fur coat is the very definition of elegance, an accomplishment, a showstopper, an heirloom. What is it about furs that enchants us?

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