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This week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek is Mi’Ele Booker. Booker is a creative storyteller from Detroit who is reinventing herself as a creative. Booker uses digital and graphic media to tell her own stories that she hopes can inspire others. Using her own poetry in her work, Booker uses multiple types of media...
This week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek is Mariah Mitchell. Mariah is an up-and-coming Detroit artist and author who hopes her art can be an inspiration. Though she started with animation, Mariah has branched out to portrait work and metal art. Her published books are available on Amazon and she also offers painting classes....
This week’s #ArtistOfTheWeek is Waleed Johnson. Johnson is an artist and muralist who seeks to give a voice to the unheard. Johnson raises up minorities and those with mental health issues through his work to uplift them and to spark dialogue through the themes of his art, hoping to bring...
This past summer, the week-long BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival transformed Detroit's NorthEnd with bright, bold, and memorable works of art. Founders Sydney G. James of Detroit, MI, Thomas Evans of Denver, Colorado and Max Sansing of Chicago, Illinois joined forces to create a mural space where Black art and...
Rashaun Rucker
The printmaker, photographer and illustrator says it’s all about the narrative.