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Denise Crittendon releases new novel.
Former editor Denise Crittendon’s debut fantasy/sci-fi novel, Where it Rains in Color blends imagination with African history awareness.
Invisible Boy released In September
Inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man the same way Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me was inspired by James Baldwin, Harrison Mooney’s debut memoir will captivate readers with his powerful gift for storytelling, his keen eye for insight and observation, and his wry sense of humor. Invisible: A Memoir of Self Discovery...
Dr. Eddie Connor speaking to an audience
Dr. Eddie Connor talks about his journey, his bout with cancer as a teenager, his continued success, toxic masculinity and his upcoming book “The Mask of Masculinity.”
Written by Keith Owens, co-founder of Detroit Stories Quarterly 6:51 p.m., 2021  New Year's Eve So Bobby and I are supposed to go to this party with a buncha folks that he knows (probably ain’t been for longer than a week) who told him this was the place to be for New Year’s....
Murder on the Yard
It can (and has) been said that some of the best stories mirror reality in a way that helps us reflect back on our own lives. This is the goal Detroit-based author Tracie E. Christian had in mind with her latest novel “Murder on the Yard – The Black...

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