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Artist of the Week is E’lla Aimee Webber. Her creative flavor, professional acumen, and homegirl essence bring further depth to the artistic space of Grand Rapids. E’lla’s persona resonates within her work and character. Everyone loves an artist that can not only create but also speak to their distinct...
Artist of the Week is Mariah Mitchell of Riah’s Canvas, a gifted and versatile artist and painter. Mitchell’s gallery of work is a fascinating collection of commissioned portraits of cartoons, at-home art and paint kits, and even custom belly molds for mothers-to-be.  ...
When asked if his art follows a particular path, 33-year-old impassioned artist, self taught painter and curator, Jonathan Harris, responds with calm, yet firm declaration that he’s painting the times. While focusing on the creation of pieces that reflect evolving societal conversations, Harris also pridefully captures the essence of...

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