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mother wit
Passed down from our ancient foremothers, “mother wit” is where practicality meets spirituality.
Don’t believe the sunshiny hype. Spring ain’t here yet.
interracial relationships
Black men are far more likely than black women to marry outside of the race – and more likely to get married period. Is it time for black women to expand their search for love?
Microaggressions and feelings of exclusion when doing yoga in white spaces has got us bent out of space.
On the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans being brought to America, we remember the backs from which American capitalism was born.
Trinity Film Festival
The city prepares for the Trinity International Film Festival, Aug. 14-18 at the Boll Family YMCA downtown.
the Tetra
Esoteric messages from these secret senders seem to say all the right things.
negative messages
Examining the power of words to penetrate, settle in and forever effect how you see yourself – and others.

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