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black fashion
Fight the winter blues with these spirit-buoying prints.
The Filthy Americans
The arts and culture center by Electrifyin’ Filthy Rockwell doubles as a retail and community space.
Eveningwear inspiration in anticipation for our eventual return to normalcy.
Feeling like a million bucks in rich and royal jewel tones.
Dream Rich Art Museum
The Dream Rich brand opens its first brick-and-mortar offering artists a place to showcase and sell their work.
Owner Ali Evans and president Keri Roberts are starting with classic frame shapes that they hope to evolve into technological options.
boho chic
Boho looks perfect for the chic but chill chicks that keep organic veggie straws in designer bags.
JonXGenius is the visionary designer behind some of your favorite artists and event curators, and he just released his debut solo collection, Surviving The System.
This line of T-shirts, hoodies and jewelry headed by chemist Deirdre Roberson celebrates Black and brown skin.
Gentlemen's Den
The brand offers model casting, personal style consulting and mentorship.
Siana Treece
This Detroit-bred fashion designer has created a line of nude dresses for darker skin stones.
fall fashion
Fall provides the perfect aura for channeling the soul of the ‘70s, what with splendid ambers, olives and clays on full display and at our fingertips.

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