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The Upperow
The husband-and-wife team behind the label wanted to create their own idea of style.
Snag a graphic tee, mug or makeup pouch emblazoned with words that recognize black power.
Toddlers to Gents
Mom Brittany Washington is looking to instill valuable lessons through style.
Clean Sneaker Care
Don Dudley and Darryl Blanding offer a convenient way to keep your favorite sneakers in tiptop shape.
fast fashion
A trend-driven culture makes fast fashion cheap and easy, but at what cost?
Tayion Collection
Holland's line of luxury fashion suits and accessories won top prize at the 2019 MAGIC fashion convention in Las Vegas.
The classic man is looking to elevate Detroit style with custom, intentioned clothing.
Tracy Reese
Responsibly-produced Hope for Flowers is available at Détroit is the New Black and Anthropologie.
Detroit is the New Black
Owner Roslyn Karamoko recently unveiled a newly remodeled location and a new commitment to sustainable fashion.
Izzy & Liv
The black-centric lifestyle brand sets up for a temporary showcase.
Creative director Tyna "FANCE" Logan is introducing Detroit audiences to a new way to think about fashion with "10,000 Hours Project."
Nicole Bien-Aime
Owner Nicole Bien-Aime is about inclusivity and modern fashion.

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