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The mortgage moratorium has lifted, and homeowners across the country are now facing thousands of dollars of overdue mortgage payments. We saw an increase in foreclosure filings of 34% from July to 45,517 filings in August according to a 2021 U. S; Foreclosure Market Report. This is up 68%...
Financial Garden
Owner Tasha Danielle thinks once kids understand the concept of money, they should be taught how to manage it.
small business
Financial expert Lysa Davis teaches small business owners what they can do to sustain until the economy starts to rev back up.
wealth gap
The racial wealth gap is steadily widening, but we can do things to help build wealth and get control of our financial futures.
student loan debt
For many college students, student loan debt is a hard reality that can linger for years. Here’s how to plan for, and manage, paying for higher education.