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Jessica Ann Tyson Founder The Candied Yam
Serving up Soul in Grand Rapids. At The Candied Yam, you'll not only find delicious food but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for sharing a meal with family and friends. 
Octavia Mingerink is the Artist of the Week. The Artist of Pretty in Ink Press + Studio — is an afro enthusiast printmaker, illustrator, graphic designer, wife and cat mom based in Grand Rapids by way of Chicago, IL.  Evident through her telling printmaking,  Mingerink’s business is “Powered by liberation...
Grand Rapids is known as a city for the arts. Piper Adonya is a leader of the Renaissance movement combining unique artistry and social justice messaging into her work. The powerhouse Art Prize winner is creating experiences through art, those we at BLAC foresee will be talked about for...
It’s remarkable how many Black and Brown women, are reported to lead full, happy lives, and yet somehow when they’re discovered dead under suspicious circumstances, the conclusion reached by authorities is often suicide or “accidental without foul play.” That’s typically where investigations in the cases of these Black and...