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3 Black-Owned Hair Products to Help Your Braids Last Longer
Remember, wearing braids isn’t a reason to let all your hair care products collect dust for six weeks. Keep on caring for those curls.
natural hair styles for black kids
The best way to encourage your little ones to love their natural hair is to encourage them to experiment with new styles.
Melissa Butler
“The Black Beauty Effect” docuseries featuring Melissa Butler will be released this Fall and it’ll star numerous Black beauty professionals.
We have made the search easier. Here are five Black hair gurus who have become masters of their own craft.
If you're like me, you take your hair care seriously - it’s not a game. You’re always looking for the best hair extensions for protective styling. I’m excited to announce the arrival of Darling, Africa's #1 hair extensions brand, to the United States! Darling specializes in the elevation of beauty...
Ruby's Natural Hair Care
The family-run business of hair and skin care pays homage to the family matriarch.
Bronzed N Glow
Opening on Oct. 19, Jamesha Lucas and Destiny Thomas have created a beauty experience that melds retail, education and technology.
hair care
HHMF provides life skills, mentoring, free hair care, all meant to lead and build well-rounded young women.
Responsible grooming products made with the health and beauty of black women in mind.