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For the Breast of Us, the first-ever blog and online community for all women of color affected by breast cancer, has launched a brand new campaign to increase the representation and inclusion of minority breast cancer survivors. #WhenYouSeeUsWe’re excited to showcase our new brand...
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (PAIL) is October 15th, and ends an annual week-long period of remembering babies lost too soon, to factors that include miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome, and death caused by birth defects.  To admire, honor and uplift the...
The National Institutes of Health has awarded Wayne State University a $18 million grant that will help to intercept chronic disease in Black communities. The proposal, which was submitted jointly by the School of Medicine and the College of Engineering, is to develop a system that uses...
The United States is considered the most dangerous developed nation to be pregnant in – particularly if you are Black.  This is according to Stacey Stewart, the President/CEO of the March of Dimes, an organization which advocates for better health outcomes for mothers and...
I was just a toddler when Roe v. Wade was signed into law. In my lifetime, I have only known reproductive freedom that rightly afforded me agency to make deeply personal and private decisions about my body. To have that freedom should not be a luxury -...
Late July to early August is prime for hot, super sunny days in Michigan. Staying hydrated helps with the heat, but we should also be protecting our skin from the sun's rays, something that Ascension Medical Group family physician Dr. Victoria Cohen says melanin-rich people tend to...
Ascension Michigan
Dr. Jamila Taylor meets her patients’ concerns with empathy and information.
Black Health Movement
Through the summer, take part in a one-mile exercise course every second Saturday in downtown Detroit.
uterine fibroids
Minimally invasive techniques produce fewer cases of incisional infection, less postoperative pain and less blood loss.
Brandy Ali says she caters to a busy and senior clientele.
Symptoms include sudden weakness, numbness, slurring words, or mental confusion.
autism resources
Because early detection is key, Dr. Tisa Johnson of the Henry Ford Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities teaches us what to look out for – plus resources for families already dealing with a diagnosis.

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