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Each and every family has something that is a holiday tradition but where do many holiday traditions and fixtures come from? What is the origin of Santa Claus? How did candy canes come about? Did people always kiss under a sprig of mistletoe?
A handful of local nonprofits and community-based organizations that could use your help this holiday season.
gift guide
We invite you to savor our all edible, locally curated gift guide.
holiday entertaining
We invited locals to sip and savor at our intimate holiday get-together.
We're unwrapping the hodgepodge of Christian, secular and pagan practices that we associate with Christmas, like why candy canes are shaped like, well, canes, and how Santa found residence at the North Pole.
holiday cocktails
These easy cocktails will guarantee a holly jolly and lit Christmas.
holiday gift guide
Stocking stuffers for every personality on your list.
gift wrap
Discover your new favorite gift-wraps, perfect for the holiday or year 'round.
Holiday Shopping
The fifth annual market brings together nearly 30 metro Detroit businesses through Dec. 20.